Leonard Cohen Interview on Q (CBC)


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Another Leonard Cohen post, he’s  been fairly prevelant in Canadian media these past few weeks, no doubt, because his tour that began  in May of last year has returned to his country of origin. This is a very compelling and thoughtful 40 minute interview done Jian Gomeshi, on the popular program Q. Cohen muses on love and death, focusing especially on his own mortality during the segment. It’s focused on his musical career above else, but touches into his poetry and novels. Also, for film fans, they discuss briefly the use (or overuse) of Hallelujah in our culture today, even mentioning Watchmen. Though Cohen admits it’s one of  my favourite songs, and seems to love most covers, admits that perhaps people should take a break from it for a while.

Aside from recommending  Leonard Cohen’s work, even for non-Canadians, Q is a show to watch/listen to in general. Once again CBC proves to be a great alternative to the mindless drivel found on most TV/radio. Lots of great shows to check out.