Adventureland (2009)


More writing for Playtime, this time I took time to review a new release (!), the best film I’ve seen this year, Adventureland. Here is an excerpt, go to the site to read the rest and some other awesome articles!

Though something of a nostalgia trip, Adventureland never falls into the traps of over romanticizing or sentimentalizing a bygone era. Inspired by the events of his own post-adolescence in the 1980s, Greg Mottola writes and directs this surprisingly tender film about confused and loveless young adults. Though beginning on a similar note as many films of its type — a party where the protagonist, James, is introduced as a virgin — the film takes an unusual path from there. He returns home to find out his summer plans are dashed and he must get a seasonable job so he’ll be able to go to Columbia University in the fall. Having never worked before, he finds himself unqualified for most lines and has to apply at the local amusement park where he is hired to run games along with a wide range of characters, including the awkward Joel and the capricious Paulette.

Catherine: Portrait of a Modern Woman in Jules et Jim for Playtime Magazine


My second article for Playtime Magazine is up, this time on Catherine in one of my favourite films, here is an excerpt. Read the rest HERE

Some critics of Francois Truffaut’s 1962 film, Jules et Jim have argued that the film’s central character, Catherine (brought to life by the incomparable Jeanne Moreau), is an impulsive and unpredictable force of nature. You cannot anticipate what she will do, and perhaps that’s why she is so enchanting to her male friends. Though there is something to this idea, I think there are too many patterns in her behaviour to it off as completely random. To the audience, she is not enchanting because she is impulsive, but rather because she is very human. Though we do not always know her motivations, her actions still make sense.