The “I Can’t Sleep Playlist”


My computer is sucky, so I can’t youtube without my computer esploding. I’ll see about maybe trying my hand at “borrowing” the other computer and adding them. The list has no real theme, just on this particular morning they kept me feeling okay when I couldn’t sleep. Clearly I don’t have the most diverse musical taste, relying on old favourites… though at this moment it’s largely an issue of comfort.

Sinnerman, Nina Simone
Sisters of Mercy, Leonard Cohen
Sit Down Young Stranger, Gordon Lightfoot
So Long, Marianne, Leonard Cohen
Such a Scream, Tom Waits
(here I realised my player was on normal, not shuffle… I was thinking how amazing it was that all my entries so far were s. Not the coincidence I thought!)
Combat Baby, Metric
Everybody Knows, Leonard Cohen
All the World is Green, Tom Waits
Ecstasy, Lou Reed
It Don’t Worry Me, Barbara Harris
Jackaroe, Joan Baez
Magician, Lou Reed
The Long Goodbye, Jack Sheldon
The Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson
Barcelona, Giulia y Los Tellarini
Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan
Season of the Witch, Donovan
Cemetary Polka, Tom Waits
Heroin, the Velvet Underground
Chelsea Hotel #2, Leonard Cohen.

There is a Cohen special on TV tomorrow on CBC. I will watch it (I’m afraid I’ll forget 😦 ) Hopefully, I’ll have a few thoughts on it for you guys. I think it’s from the Montreal Festival earlier this year.