Something’s Got to Give (1962)

I I caught the 37 minute version of the 1962 remake of my Favourite Wife, Something’s Got to Give. Production was halted when Marilyn Monroe was fired, and while she was re-hired, she died before the film could resume shooting. It’s unfair to really judge the film in it’s current form, but I personally think it had the potential of at the very least being quite entertaining. Marilyn Monroe is an incredible screen presence, and not only is she absolutely beautiful here, she emits an incredible joy. For me, the best snippet, even above the skinny dipping is easily when Monroe first enters the film, where she meets her children who she hasn’t seen for five years. As they are quite young, they don’t even recognize her as their mother, but instead of lingering on this sadness she takes advantage of her reunion to enjoy the presence of her children. It’s an incredibly joyful sequence, and is filled with warmth.

I’ve always attested that Monroe was a great actress, and I think while especially apparent in her later films, like Some Like it Hot and the Misfits, watching even her first starring role, Don’t Bother to Knock, there is a sense of not only a great screen presence, but a great talent as well. She had that rare quality that when onscreen, you can’t take your eyes off of her. I think this is less do to her beauty, but more to an incredible vulnerability, mystery and intelligence that lies behind her eyes. This is a weird tangent, but the reason why I cannot really immerse myself in these new 3-D films like Beowulf is the emptiness in the eyes. I think whoever said they were the portal to the soul were really onto something.

Even in it’s extremely shortened and incomplete form, I think there is some worth in Something’s Got to Give, and if you have a chance you should see it. It has a few laughs, and despite it’s fractured nature is not difficult to follow.