Ten Best Documentaries of 2010

Who really cares about Documentaries? Apparently I don’t, none making my top list of 2010. Seems a bit unfair considering how many great ones I saw last year, enough to make a more than serviceable top ten list. Most of these viewings are owing to my soundonsight mates, who think I’m somehow qualified to review these things despite my general ignorance of anything that isn’t based in a fictional reality.

1. Marwencol (Jeff Malmberg)
*2. Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy)
3. Nenette (Nicolas Philibert)
4. Armadillo (Janus Metz Pedersen)
5. Boxing Gym (Frederick Wiseman)
6. Inside Job (Charles Ferguson)
7. Feast of Assumption: The Otero Family Murders (Marc Levitz)
8. A Film Unfinished (Yael Hersonski)
9. Restrepo (Sebastian Junger & Tim Hetherington)
10. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (Anne Sundberg & Ricki Stern)

* for obs reason. We’ll count it as a filmic essay.
** The one 2010 documentary that I still would like to see is Sweetgrass

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