Iconic Film Styles: Ann-Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie

Luckily we have shows like Mad Men to show an intimate look into a bygone era, so us plebs who don’t have the time or resources to research the cultural impact of certain films and performers. In Season three (Love Among Ruins 3.2), a diet cola company asks creative to recreate the opening with Ann-Margret in order to sell their product. The reaction of the executives in the room only suggests a fraction of the sensation that her performance caused. George Sidney has the foresight to see the effect that Ann-Margret would have on the audience, and at his own expense filmed the iconic book-ends, even having a song specially written for the occasion. I am hardly a fan of the film, but I can’t deny absolutely loving those two scenes. Ann-Margaret’s style in the film is reflective of a new breed of adolescent, it is cute but sexy. There is a palpable difference between her clothing and that of the more mature women, but it still seems to fit into the adult world.

Costume Designer: Marjorie Wahl

3 responses to “Iconic Film Styles: Ann-Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie

  1. The way she squeezes her breasts between her arms in that tight yellow dress must be one of the most provocative moves in all movies. I can just imagine what it must been for the audience back in ’63. God bless Ann-Margret (and George Sidney) for this one and Viva Las Vegas.

  2. Do Muslims get alcohol when they get to heaven?

    Too bad the rest of the film isn’t nearly as provocative, Ann-Margaret is still a spectacular presence, almost makes the film worth watching. I’ve seen to see Viva Las Vegas but it is high on my to see list.

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