Five Best Films I saw in May

I had a really strong start in terms of viewings in May. Things tapered off around mid-way and I got addicted to tv. Still managed to see about 34 films. I am cheating with this list, posting a trilogy as a single entry… all of these are first time viewings. Alphabetical order.

Autumn Sonata (Ingmar Bergman, 1978)

The Civil War Trilogy (Robert Enrico, 1962-63)

Exit through the Gift Shop (Bansky, 2010)

Playtime (Jacques Tati, 1967)

Une robe d’ete (Francois Ozon, 1996)

4 responses to “Five Best Films I saw in May

  1. Welcome back! I envy you, watching those dirty early Ozun films?

    I saw Amarcord again a few days ago . . . may eat some crow on my disparagement of that, though I do find its brilliance problematic.

    Are you going with a blue “theme” or are you trying things out? I’m fickle with wordpress myself– I have major Goldilocks problems with their options . . .

  2. A Summer Dress was easily my favourite of the Ozon films I watched so far. I have a few left though on my computer.

    I haven’t seen Amarcord!!!

    I am trying things out, I used to have this one a LONG time ago. I am tired of the black background, though it’s more environmentally sound.

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