The Downey Project Week 5

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Tropic Thunder (2008)

“I know what dude I am. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!”

Je suis amused! I just can’t see how you can go wrong with this film! It is fun, crazy and Robert Downey Jr’s role in this film is like the epitome of awesomeness! Seeing this for the second time, Tom Cruise still creeps me out, but he also reminds me that the song “Low” is actually quite of catchy, so I can give him some credit for that. Anyway, I definitely applaud this film for still being so stupidly awesome!  YAY!

Eros (2004)

To sum it up, this is a film with three very different stories that collide to make one average movie! As for the first story, “The Hand”, which is meant to be the best of the three, I can agree to that, but it still wasn’t anything that great to me. The second story called something or another with Robert Downey Jr was pretty funny, but also was quite run of the mill. Now the third story by some Italian guy was just horrible! The first half had girls walking around not wearing bras with tissue thin see-through shirts, in public no less! How indecent! In the second half these already indecent girls just dance on the beach completely naked till the credits start rolling. Blarg, Eros is not worth anyone’s time.

Syriana (2005)

What was that thing growing on George Clooney’s face? Salt and Pepper hair is cool on your head, but just looks yucky when it lives on your face. George Clooney also had quite a beer gut in this movie, obviously not his most flattering role. Superficial aspects aside, this film was quite good. It had some deep messages, Matt Damon being very dramatic and it makes you feel very intelligent while watching it. Props to the film for that!

Solaris (2002)

The first thing worth mentioning is how this film has Daniel from Lost essentially playing Daniel from Lost! Haha! I never noticed before this film how much he likes to move his hands as he talks; it is quite hypnotizing actually…Nonetheless this film gets the nothing special remark from me because it was really only about water planets, George Clooney’s inability to cut cucumbers and people you used to know being created out of nothing; nothing new there.

Intolerable Cruelty (2003)

I would have never guessed this was a Coen brother’s film. Ya when I look bad on it now I can see the subtle Coen touch, but I don’t care much for the Coen brothers anyway just as I didn’t care much for this film. It was weird to see teeth obsessed George Clooney, but this film made me realize something else, which was that George Clooney wears the same suit in like every movie. You know that grey one? I’m sure you would remember it if you saw it cause he wears it all the time! So this is a film that is meant to be a romantic comedy, but with that, it was never THAT funny (I guess the Coen touch?) and it was never THAT romantic.  In essence, textbooks would define this as a film and just a film.

Johnny Be Good (1988)

So this is the film that actually introduced Uma Thurman’s career; interesting fact I bet? What that fact makes me wonder though, is how Uma Thurman actually had a career after this. Her role in this film reminded me a lot of Misha Barton from The O.C which I guess you can take as a bad sign. Aside from that, Robert Downey Jr actually played a role where he was an “uncool” kid (I know!) who was sort of terrible at football, but at least he was an entertaining guy and his scenes made this film somewhat tolerable. Actually, at first I thought this was a film by Robert Downey Sr. because I already read about how this film was terrible so I jumped to that conclusion, but it turns out this film was just terrible without the guidance of Downey Sr…Although considering he did play a minor role, there is a possibility that his “I make terrible films” vibe rubbed off on the whole film cursing it with bad luck.

3 responses to “The Downey Project Week 5

  1. Ouch. You wound me.
    Solaris was one of my top 5 of the (previous) decade. I was so deeply moved by it, and loved it visually as well.

  2. @Wooley: I’m sorry for indirectly wounding you…I guess I just wasn’t feeling it. The film had some really beautiful scenes I’ll agree, but I never really felt that involved with the film.
    Oh by the way, you are cool for commenting.

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