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The Downey Project Week 4

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Hugo Pool (1997)

Robert Downey Sr. is moving on up with some famous actors like Patrick Dempsey and Sean Penn starring in his film, too bad his ability to make anything good is still a skill he has yet to achieve. As for Robert Downey Jr, this was definitely his weirdest role that I’ve seen him in yet. He played this foreign guy who was a murderous director who killed one of his extras because they were hopping around in the background and it really annoyed him. He was actually kind of funny, but bizarre would be the first word that comes to mind. Anyway, there really is only so much to be said about a plot that centers on a girl who cleans pools and puts people like Patrick Dempsey in the back of her truck.

The Thin Red Line (1998)

AH! Sean Penn again! He’s definitely out to get me, but sadly for him I am not watching all his filmography so he will just have to try that trick on somebody else! Anyway, this film has taught me that Sean Penn really loves his hair and so when I meet him later on in my life (which I will) and he asks me “Oh, why didn’t you watch more movies with me in them? I did try to send you secret messages by being in two films that you watched trying to convince you to watch my filmography as well if you didn’t realize.”, and then I won’t say anything and instead will ruffle his hair and run away and then he’ll never try and trick me into watching his filmography again! As for the film at hand, it was all good, only it was really long! I couldn’t help but catch myself once or twice drifting off into the world of other things I could be doing instead of watching a 2 hours and 43 minutes film. Not to mention, I was waiting so long for George Clooney and he only appears for less than a minute at around 2 hours and 41 minutes into the film to say three sentences, which seemed like a waste of an actor in my opinion…

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

I don’t plan on rewatching all the films that my two chosen actors have been in for this project, but if I do happen to have a rewatch here and there I do plan to record it such as the case with this film. This has got to be one of the most entertaining films of 2009, which you can just watch at any time and still be thoroughly amused. On a romantic level alone, the romance between Sherlock and Watson was just so passionate that it makes you wonder why Rachel McAdams’ character even written into this film! Anyway, for the sequel I believe to spice things up, Guy Ritchie should take his character Mickey O’Neil (Brad Pitt) from his other movie Snatch and somehow get him also into the sequel!

Up In the Air (2009)

How to make this movie:

Step 1: Find George Clooney (from what I hear this is a difficult feat!)

Step 2: Pay him some money to be in your movie (by some I mean millions!!)

Step 3: Put him on a plane…..

Step 4: Film it!

On another note, I loved this film; in the above steps, I am just trying to say that this movie is George Clooney playing George Clooney to the max! Anyway this film is worth seeing for many reasons, such as the very underappreciated response from Clooney to a statement by saying “I am NOT A DINOSAUR!” Good stuff indeed…

Two Girls and a Guy (1997)

With film title like this one, my thoughts on this film are hopefully a little self explanatory. I will at least give this film credit for making three of the most unlikeable characters actually work. Besides that, this film has taught me a valuable lesson about how guys spend their time alone at home, which is apparently by singing at the top of their lungs and phoning their mothers, I guess I can hope I’ve been mislead? After reading on imdb trivia that the writer/director for this film wrote this all with Robert Downey Jr in mind, I can’t help but be somewhat worried….