The Downey Project Week 3

Leatherheads (2008)

John Krasinski is a cool guy who has a funny face to look at and so that alone gave this film some points. I actually liked this movie, I mean; I even managed to not find a reason to complain about Renée Zellweger who annoys me so for two complete hours!  Poor George Clooney though, who was constantly being called “grandpa” throughout the movie, when you look the way he does, I am sure as an actor it must have pierced right into his soul and ego…Well moving on to the film at hand, in all, it was good enough to actually restore my faith in the power of mud!

In Dreams (1999)

This movie was very bad, I can say this easily because I am still debating with myself whether this film or The Shaggy Dog was worse. On one hand, The Shaggy Dog was The Shaggy Dog and Robert Downey Jr. pretended to be a dog at one point (still painful to think about), but on the other hand, in this film his character plays a kidnapper who apparently dresses in drag in their spare time and wears silver nail polish while growing their hair out to a length and style that makes my eyes hurt. Hrrrgggg…..Excuse me as I go to a corner now and hit my head against a wall until I remove this movie completely from my mind.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

Before watching this I was all excited because I read that Brad Pitt was in this movie as well as George Clooney, but the sad truth came, for less than a second a camera literally only moved across the face belonging to Brad Pitt. The fact that he played no role at all was very upsetting! It was a total waste of my time and it’s not like George Clooney even got much of a role either (obviously more than Brad) and his character was probably the best part. Anyway, I can see how this film could have been good, but everything just fell short and it was very displeasing to watch after the whole Brad Pitt thing.

The Good German (2006)

Tobey Maguire really pissed me off in this movie! He was such a jerk and I think his voice even gave me a headache at one point. Anyway, I didn’t really feel anything or become in any way interested by this film so it is hard to come up with something to say about it. The only thing that really stuck in my mind was when somebody said “The Good German” because I was all “Hey! That’s the name of the film!” I love when movies say their own title in their movie!

Batman & Robin (1997)

“What killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!” There are only so many jokes you can make about ice and in this movie, they were all in the first minute, which in that first minute didn’t even have any of the thousands of jokes about ice from this movie, if you catch my drift. And yet, these jokes about ice lasted about another two hours of my life. I can tell this movie was probably trying to go for a “terribly good” feel to it, but it definitely went a little too heavy on the terrible and forgot about trying to make it any good.

The Pick-up Artist (1987)

I never would have thought it possible that Robert Downey Jr. in a film from the 80s would actually play a role that is not the “rebel kid”! I was definitely proved wrong in this because he has now moved up to playing a big flirt who tries to sleep with every girl in site; what an improvement! Anyway, I still liked his character in this movie. He was funny and cute while dancing and singing all over the place! He was a pretty bad driver though, so if Robert Downey Jr. ever offers you a lift in his car…BEWARE!

One Night Stand (1997)

This is a movie that doesn’t really have any care in the world. It is out in the film world just because it can be. I was originally going to watch this film sometime later, but after watching a small clip of it with Robert Downey Jr. wearing a shirt showcasing his biceps, through some crazy random happenstance I instantly became more interested in seeing this film. Sadly, the hype that I felt right before watching this quickly wore off when the story only really focused on sex, one night stands with a guy named Maximillion (who is not Robert let me add), court jester hats and pickles…oh well.

8 responses to “The Downey Project Week 3

  1. somebody else liked leatherheads! and good german is completely unengaging. or, better yet, BORING. i quite like confessions of a dangerous mind though, sounds like you got hung up on brad pitt.

  2. I sort of liked In Dreams. It was more mediocre than bad for me. I liked the premise and thought Robert Downey Jr’s performance was at least interesting.

  3. @justin: After I saw Leatherheads and looked up what other people thought, I was surprised so many people disliked it! Its good to know you liked it too. *high five!*
    As for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, I didn’t dislike it, there were certain parts that were really good and other parts of the film that were just okay.

    @AR: The story was an alright premise for me, it had potential, but it feels like its been done before and was badly planned out for the film. As for Robert, maybe I couldn’t appreciate his performance as much as you because I was mainly just cringing whenever he came on screen.

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