Five Best Films I saw in March

Such a great month. Alphabetical, only first time viewings

Kiss Me Deadly (Robert Aldrich)

Mean Streets (Martin Scorsese)

Smiles of a Summer Night (Ingmar Bergman)

Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky)

Who’s That Knocking at my Door. (Martin Scorsese)

8 responses to “Five Best Films I saw in March

  1. I have never seen “Who’s That Knocking at My Door”, and I consider that I crime. I also haven’t seen “kiss Me Deadly”, or “Smiles of a Summer Night” or “Stalker”, so I coul’ve saved time by just saying, of your list I’ve only seen “Mean Streets”. The films I’ve mentioned I haven’t seen I’ve been wanting to for a very long time, I’m envious.

  2. I adore Tarkovsky’s cinema. It’ss exquisite, poetical and sublime.
    That of Aldrich is a pure adrenaline for me and of Scorsesse I prefer Mean Streets.
    Bergman is impeccable and a necessary director.
    A greeting

  3. You’ve chosen a lovely still from Smiles of a Summer Night. Generally I’ll tell you that the Wild Strawberries/Seventh Seal/TVS/Smiles period (which Criterion handily bundles together in a box) is not my favorite phase in Bergman, but this makes me pine to watch Smiles again . . .

    Stalker, I guess you could say, is severe even by Tarkovsky’s standards. I really do need to see it again (god bless Kino! and may they long rival Criterion, however humbly they toil) but the ending washed over me in ecstatic suspense until the very final scene gave me a Lynch-like epiphany of mystical, transcendent grandeur. Tarkovsky Lives– and perhaps the Magic too.

    Speaking of Criterion: as you are the foremost female cineaste of my acquaintance, ‘virtual’ or otherwise, I thought of you as I was browsing recently and picked up the Eclipse set of Chantal Ackerman, which carries Je Tu Il Elle and virtually every other famous work except Jeanne Dielman (damn my spelling). I think Eclipse is a wonderful idea– I actually wished Criterion would just *become* Eclipse. I love the minimalism (and I *hate* the thought of shilling out extra dough just to pay Rick Moody to spout his opinions, such as they are, on Fanny and Alexander). Of course though, they’re careful to segregate out the big-draw movie, as with the Rossellini ‘history’ films set, which doesn’t include The Rise of Louis XIV (or whatever title they’re billing it under), or Jeanne Dielman.

  4. Jeremy: Some of these, I’m surprised at myself for having put off for so long. There are far too many movies in this world, and I don’t have much time…

    George: Best of that list? I don’t know. I think Mean Streets is my favourite.

    Von Samuel: You win this round.

    Theshadowofsolaris: I am not a huge Tarkovsky fan, my sensibilities are far too populist, not enough poetry in my love of life.

    Jason: Smilse of a Summer Night is definitely my favourite of all the films you list from the “period”. It’s wonderful.

    It didn’t have a very magical effect on me, though I like it. It simply was one of the better films I saw this month. I wish Tarkovsky moved and touched me like he does to many people.

    My video store has the Ackerman set, and Jeanne Dielman, I’ve yet to see any of them though. I too like the Eclipse idea, but I do often enjoy the special features on Criterion. I’m not a huge DVD buyer though. I only own three from their collection.

  5. Oops!, I should clarify that when I said I “picked” it up I mean I only *literally* picked it up to look at it admiringly– I didn’t buy it– no, I’m lucky these days if I can cover the cost of my traffic tickets and keep myself in Mexican coffee (time will tell)! I haven’t seen any Ackerman at all 😦 –but since you’re in the same boat I will feel a bit better about myself, for now.

    That said, I feel confident you will enjoy them. The stills that dot the cover are fantastic, from what I can glean Ackerman always has very interesting, deliberate framing? Anyway I am sure they will be worth your while!

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