The Downey Project Week 2

Week 1

The Shaggy Dog (2006)

^Robert Downey Jr. is not amused to being in this film!^

Why? Just why? I felt embarrassed to watch this film in the privacy of my own home. Tim Allen makes me want to cry when I see him! This film had gone to the dogs even before this remake reached the drawing board. (See what I did there? I said “gone to the dogs” and it was a film about dogs! I amuse myself at times)

Weird Science (1985)

There is a certain undescribable charm that this film had. It was entertaining and funny in all the right ways. It is not the most memorable film out there, but it definitely had some great moments.

Michael Clayton (2007)

This was a nice change of pace from what I’ve been watching. It didn’t turn out to be as good as I was hoping, but George Clooney was pretty cool in it. He had his random speeches and his hanging out with horses’ moments, while still being very clever. He would make a great international superspy!

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Since I started this competition and with everything I’ve seen so far, this has got to be my favourite. For the first hour all that really happened was that a bunch of people talked about nothing, but that was probably the best part because I love mindless conversations! Along with all the fun conversations, it also managed to keep up an interesting story with some intense moments all done with some unique animation technique. I was also quite surprised to find out that George Clooney was even an executive producer in this!

Soapdish (1991)

Was that the evil father form One Tree Hill I saw in this? Did I also happen to see that girl from Desperate Housewives? And did this have Robert Downey Jr?! Haha, I knew that last one! 😀 Point is that I firstly really dislike One Tree Hill and secondly, even with all the stars in this film, it still was not very good nor very funny, which is what it was trying to be. I liked the glasses Robert Downey Jr. was wearing at least!

Three Kings (1999)

Before placing this dvd into my player, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, I thought it was going to be something political or some other thing that was smart like that. Obviously, I was wrong. I actually quite liked this film, but I think I preferred the first half, which was going for the more lighthearted war story about partying and shooting things. Then the second half rolled in which changed the whole feel of the film. The whole film sort of reminded me of my Killzone 2 demo because it was fun to shoot stuff for a while, until you realized you were killing people and then the mission became too intense and dramatic, and then the demo was over.

Firstborn (1984)

“Where are the cookies? I need some cookies!” That line made the movie somewhat awesome I must admit….who would have thought that Robert Downey Jr. was a cookie fiend? Anyway, besides the fact that the dialogue was pretty terrible throughout the film, the story was pretty intense. It had some lacrosse, angsty teenagers and even a chase scene!

9 responses to “The Downey Project Week 2

  1. hanging out with horses moments are underrated.

    and i love the first hour of a scanner darkly ‘let’s rescue the orphan gears man!’

  2. Go, a very interesting cinematographic exercise.
    Michael Clayton is a very good movie and Clooney answers well, like always.
    A scanner darkly was curious and interesting in the first part, then there became heavy enough.
    Soadpish is not known for my, as Weird Science. And the same thing happens with Firstborn Three Kings is very, very recoverable and it was the whole surprise for my.
    A greeting

  3. I know how you feel about The Shaggy Dog. I ended up watching it when it first came out with my mom. Awful film. I’m liking these write-up’s. Keep up the good work.

  4. @spengo: You are awesome! 😀

    @justin: Every film should have some “hanging out with horses’ moments” and if a horse cannot be supplied, then a unicorn or platypus would be sufficient! Funny scenes are indeed funny 🙂

    @theshadowofsolaris: A greeting to you too! This is a very interesting cinematographic exercise indeed…

    @resdog55: I get brought to thousands of bad films because of my friends, so when I self inflict my eyes with a bad movie I feel sort of lame. Seeing it in theaters sounds much worse than just seeing it at home though, I can understand your pain! Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it! 🙂

    @Jason: “Sort of” being the key word here? The film actually has a pretty good aftertaste so far…it was fun to watch!

    @mrsemmapeel: Making you look bad? I am sorry, I have a lot of films to watch and not a lot of time in a week to talk about them all and I originally had like a super comeback to insult you just now, but I decided not to because I am the mature sister! so trolololo to you!

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