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The Downey Project, An Introduction.

This is the introduction to a new segment to my blog. I call it, The Downey Project. First and foremost, it is actually my little sister’s project. She has gracefully asked me to post her reviews and entries here because … I’m not sure, but I am happy to oblige! Recently her and her little friends decided it would be an interesting experiment to go through the entire filmography of a favourite actor of theirs. They also decided, to make the project worthwhile they had to see at least 50 new films. For this reason, many of them chose two actors to cover. This decision was also made in part, because one of the friends, let’s call her MANDY, chose Morgan Freeman who has an absurdly large set of films. My sister’s final choices were ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and GEORGE CLOONEY, so all the films she will be talking about feature them in some way. It doesn’t even matter if they have a cameo performance, the film will be watched. I admire my sister for doing this, because it is a kind of discipline I never inherited. She’s also seeing a bunch of cool movies.

Also, just because, you can read her blog at ANIME PRINCESS.

Here are the first set of reviews, they should be coming every few days.

The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

So much potential with such a great title for a film and yet it sort of failed. Not only was there not enough goats, but it was sort of a borefest.

Heart and Souls (1993)

I had the song “Walk like a Man” stuck in my head for days after this movie. Quite a lousy film though…to save you the trouble just watch the clip below and you’ve seen the best this film has to offer:

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

Oh Senator McCarthy how I hate to hear your name so! I just did not really get the point of this film. Gorge Clooney looked old and Robert Downey Jr. mostly just stood around with a pen in his hand; I would so hire him for his great work ethics.

Greaser’sPalace (1972)

This movie was just really messed up. It was from what I can tell a story about if Jesus was reincarnated as a man in this western world where you would sing to a sheriff who would kill you whether you were really good or not. To describe really all the nonsensical of it all would take too long. Weird…just weird. At least it was entertaining to play the game of spot Robert Downey Jr! I totally found him 🙂

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999)

Out of all the films I have seen so far, I think this may have at least been the most entertaining. I have only really seen a few episodes from the series and never really took much interest in what I saw, but they were singing throughout the film!  How can you dislike a film where people sing? By the way, it was George Clooney who did a voice for this film as some doctor if you wanted to know.

Chaplin (1992)

When it comes to bio-pics, it is extremely rare to make something that is all that interesting and with that said, this movie was not much of an exception. Although, Robert Downey Jr. did manage to make an otherwise boring film to be somewhat interesting. It loses points for mentioning the name McCarthy in it because I have had enough of his name already in Good Night, And Good Luck. It was also weird to see actually a star wipe actually used in a real film.

Less Than Zero (1987)

For a teen coming of age eighties movie, it wasn’t all that bad. The plot sort of became repetitive at some point and most of the characters were sort of annoying, but there were some redeeming qualities about this film. I was only (and still am) upset by the fact that I have yet to spot Brad Pitt in it, who played an unaccredited role during a certain scene. I watched that scene so many times, but have yet to find him! So sad…