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Ten Best Female Performances of 2009

I want to preface this by saying that I, personally, found 2009 to be an extremely lackluster year great female roles… and I can’t say I’m too happy with my overall list. My top 5 would probably stand the test in a strong year, but the rest tapers off a bit, and if it were up against some of the greater female performances of 2008 for example, many of them wouldn’t even be contenders. I’m willing to take some recommendations though! I probably missed some essentials in this regard. Also, I apologize for how crappy my write-ups are, I couldn’t muster the energy to write anything meaningful.

10. Emma Roberts Lymelife

Young people are wonderful, Emma Roberts is young. And loverly. Such a little brat, but a sad little brat.

9. Meryl Streep Julie and Julia

This movie might have been good if they dropped the whole Julie part and let Streep do her thing. I’m not even a huge fan of Meryl Streep but she absolutely charmed me in this role.

8. Jordan Ladd Grace

Very crappy movie, but Ladd is great. Not much else to say.

7. Gabourey Sidebe Precious

I can’t say I think very highly about this film, but I thought the performances all around were good. Sidebe though gives an incredibly strong performance, and I cannot deny wanting her to win the Oscar this year among the nominees. I’m not usually a sucker for the underdog stories, but she just seems so cool. Yea..

6. Zoe Saldana Avatar

She made blue sexy.

5. Alison Lohman Drag me to Hell

She’s so frail and whispery! So cute and flighty! Then she kills a cat… and I believe it, I believe she killed that cat. It broke my heart.

4. Kristen Stewart Adventureland

Even with the strange neurotic tendencies, Stewart portrays a huge amount of confusion and despair. For all the comparisons her Twilight co-star gets with Holden Caulfied, Stewart seems to better channel that kind of nervous anxiety and living on the brink of complete emotional breakdown. I love it.

3. Hikari Mitsushima Love Exposure

All I have to say is Corinthians 13… that’s all.

2. Melanie Laurent Inglourious Basterds

Quiet fierceness is how I’d describe Laurent’s performance. Words are not as important as the subtle (and non subtle) transformations of her face, it’s all about reacting and reaction… that laugh will live in infamy.

1. Abbie Cornish Bright Star

Far and away the best female performance of the year (possibly the best performance of the year, period), Cornish brings a huge amount of life to her role. I don’t quite know how to adequately describe the effect she has… she simply brings the forth most amount of love and passion to her role. She is able to be fiercely intellingent and strong willed and intensely vulnerable at the same time. Her character defies the blemishes of femininity and she is demonstrative of all the beauty, strength and weakness of the entire human condition.