2 responses to “Early Morning Screencap

  1. I just saw this and I remembered your “looks could kill” screencap–

    It’s a great flash of a look, but of course alas the poor girl is quite besotted . . .

    –I had *no idea* about this little bit of a twist ending–now I’m trying to mentally decode some of that conversation when they were pulled over to throw up (but I couldn’t tell who was saying what!). I’m rather bothered and shaken, but it’s past my bedtime so I guess I’ll try to decipher it later (or in my nightmares).

  2. UPDATE: Yes I *did* have an “A Ma Soeur” nightmare– curiously in the form, however, of a version of “For Your Eyes Only” gone very bad (people throwing darts at each other, for one) and moving on to window-shattering automotive violence (007’s Lotus does get blown up in FYEO, doens’t it? and that guy gets garroted or sometthing and left in the car– and that other car gets kicked over the cliff?)

    –I was wondering, too, if your choice of image above was informed by Breillat’s followup film “Sex Is Comedy” (?), which played upon the fiming of the Fat Girl sex scenes, staring the actress above and (I’m inferring) playing with the idea that she couldn’t stand her costar male?

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