Three Films to Describe your Film Taste

Borrowed from Sven at Match-Cut Forums

Suspiria– My love for horror, baroque imagery, feminine perspective and protagonist, and evocative childhoods.

Catch-22 – How I love my humour, both absurd and close to tragedy. Stunning imagery, Alan Arkin, non-cohesive plot-lines.

Other Men’s Women– I love me old Hollywood, tonal shifts, overblown but somehow insignificant romances, beautiful moments of laughter and nothingness.

9 responses to “Three Films to Describe your Film Taste

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  2. This is a cool idea. Here is what I came up with to try and describe my tastes:

    Evil Dead 2 – my love of horror, comedy, especially black-comedy, genre cinema, absurdist over-the-top scenarios

    2001: A Space Odyssey – my love of science-fiction, thought-provoking films, visual poetry, long-shots

    Cries and Whispers – my love of foreign cinema, soul-crushing-oh-god-i-want-to-kill-myself drama, and so-good-they’re-hard-to-endure performances

    Not perfect, but it covers a lot of ground.

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