36. I’m Not There (Todd Haynes, 2007)

An interesting take on the bio-pic, Todd Haynes seems to understand that the actions and words of a person are often less important than what they mean to us and those around them. This explains the fragmented nature of I’m Not There, a film that attempts to paint a full portrait of who Bob Dylan is, was or might be. This is not a film that works for truth, or maybe it is? Not truth as we often think when we look at histories and people’s lives, it’s not so much about facts but about a stream of feelings and thoughts. If you want to look, the facts are there… some of the time, not always as they apparently they happened, but is history remembered as they ever happened? Some segments may be stronger than others, but they all work remarkably well as a whole, complimented and contradicting each other in the most charming and delightful ways. The music is decent too.

2 responses to “36. I’m Not There (Todd Haynes, 2007)

  1. re: new design . . . Is that “The Bitter Tears of Petra Von (?) Kant” by Fassbinder as your current cropper top or have I gone insane . . . because I know that Poussin painting (in the Munich Alte Pinakotech) and I almost had a breakdown when I saw it– I thought my computer had somehow melted my blog into yours or something, because I recently adopted a different Poussin, though with a similar reclining nude (deriving, ultimately, from Titian’s Bacchanalia at Andros) as my own bannerhead.

    Anyway– it just seems freakily synchronistic, and I’m *extremely* passionate about Poussin, so–hopefully you can reveal your source!

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