41. Trick ‘r Treat (Michael Dougherty, 2009)

I was lucky enough to see this on the big screen at the Fantasia Film Festival. Much like Drag Me to Hell, this is a horror film that is best enjoyed with an audience. It is exciting, funny and scary, and though it never truly gets under your skin, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. An anthology film, all four stories take place in a small American town, and are appropriately “horror-ific.” My favourite is probably the play on the virginal college girl, which is perhaps the most familiar storyline in horror lore and yet the film puts an interesting though perhaps not completely unconventional twist on it. The film’s appeal is largely on how well made it is, how it cuts at just the right moments, how it plays with our expectations and how it thrills us with its effects. The most notable is perhaps the showdown between a grumpy old man who lacks the Halloween spirit, and cute little bag boy who adorns the posters.

2 responses to “41. Trick ‘r Treat (Michael Dougherty, 2009)

  1. Who’s the sad, evil-looking one on the right in blue? I want to offer her a hanky and take her hand.

    Have you covered “Love Exposure” on here? I’ve lost track . . . And a Merry Christmas too!

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