I was famous in 1979… so I was in the Muppet Movie

I can’t pin down all the names, so join in if you can!


James Coburn

Telly Savalas

Carol Kane

Madeline Kahn


Charles Durning

Big Bird

Elliot Gould

Bob Hope

Richard Pryor

Steve Martin

Mel Brooks

Cloris Leachman

Orson Welles

I think I’m forgetting a few, but I capped what I could. I’m missing at least one, the man and his dummy…

11 responses to “I was famous in 1979… so I was in the Muppet Movie

  1. Dom DeLuise and Paul Williams are the two you’re missing.

    I can understand not knowing Paul Williams (maybe), but Dom DeLuise?!
    Have you been living under a rock?

  2. I just watched The Cheap Detective which also had Paul Williams in it. I had to look up who he was because he looked so familiar. Turns out I recognized him from the Muppet Movie. The Cheap Detective was also a who’s who of 70s stars: Madeline Kahn, Ann Margret, Eileen Brennan, Dom Delouise, Louise Fletcher and Abe Vigoda.

  3. You did well on these, but you did forget Milton Berle (one of my fave cameos in the movie) as the used car salesman and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy as the judges at the fair.

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