Five Best Films I saw in November

I saw a good number of films this November, at least towards the beginning, unfortunately school has gotten in the way of me seeing new movies and I’ve seen maybe three films in the last week. That being said, I saw a few films this month that I can easily see falling among my very favourites one day, so I’m not complaining. As always, only first time viewings and presented in alphabetical order.

The Devil (Zulawski, 1972)

Les Bons debarras (Francis Mankiewicz, 1980)

Trois Couleurs: Bleu (Kieslowski, 1993)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Lynch, 1992)

Two-Lane Blacktop (Hellman, 1971)

12 responses to “Five Best Films I saw in November

  1. Your blog is private… oh noes. And honestly, I think I’d consider them all masterpieces. A super strong month, especially compared to October which was pretty weak for me despite so many viewings.

  2. I would’ve sworn you’d written on Trois Coleurs: Bleu before– you always seem to be writing on Kieslowski!

    Zulawski and Lynch, a potent combination!

  3. It’s sooo long though!

    I like your review, especially it’s discussion on female abuse and horror… it is like a poison, and it becomes a nightmare. It’s a powerful film, so visceral and painful. Great work.

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