Silent Film Screencap Challenge

It’s been a very long time since I attempted one of these, and since I’m finally almost done with silents for my classes I thought I’d give them their due. This one is going to be pretty difficult, so good luck!

1. vlcsnap-2009-11-11-22h16m33s110


2. vlcsnap-2009-11-11-22h18m39s90

Answer: Leaves from Satan’s Book (Wolfie)

3. vlcsnap-2009-11-11-22h21m14s101

Answer: Hands of Orlac (Ian)

4. vlcsnap-2009-11-11-22h23m00s128


5. vlcsnap-2009-11-11-22h24m50s217


6. 1

Answer:  Mr. Wu (Wolfie)

7. 2


8. 3


9. 4


10. 66

Answer: The White Sister (Wolfie)

9 responses to “Silent Film Screencap Challenge

  1. These films seem unnecessarily obscure. The only one I recognize is Hands of Orlac. Also Phantom Carriage (I think?).

    (I bet if I did a quick scan of your *lh* history, I could guess the others pretty quickly, too.)

    Oh wait, is that Swanson one Beyond the Rocks?

    The Anna May Wong shot is gorgeous. Tell me the film so I can see it.

  2. I want to make you work Ian, no more lazy movie guessing. Hands of Orlac is right, I’ll credit you for that. Phantom Carriage is wrong, I won’t.

    Swanson is Beyond the Rocks.

    And no! Someone tried to guess the Anna May Wong Shot and made a bunch of wrong guesses though, it’s not
    A Trip to Chinatown
    The Toll of the Sea

  3. I’m not much for games. If I promise not to ruin the Wong answer, will you email it to me? I seriously want to see it. Like, tomorrow. Thanks.

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