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This is a project I wish I had thought of, the fifty best films of the decade, one day at a time just in time to end on December 31st 2009. A worthy and ambitious project. CHECK IT OUT

3 responses to “Another Blog

  1. It wasn’t until I had read the entire introduction AND the irreversible article that I realized that it wasn’t you writing it. Well screw THAT site 😛

  2. the closest I ever came to pulling off something that ambitious was August-mid October of this year when I willed myself to watch at least one new movie per day for 73 straight days. Of course I only wrote obnoxiously huge blog entries for about, oh, say, a third of ’em and the rest just wrote little blurbs about on TLC, so this Mr. 50-in-50 guy is probably doingth more ambitious endeavor, but eh, I still give myself a pat on the back…although I’m not sure if it’s a genuine accomplishment or a sad commentary on my pitiful lack of a social life 😦

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