Other Writings for Other Sites: A Guide to Horror in 2009

Far from my best work, it’s more of a recommendation source (or un-source?). Read it HERE. Check out Playtime in general though, its’ the Anniversary edition, and will be on until next issue which comes out this Wednesday. Lots of great stuff.


As a horror fiend, I’ve made my fair share of trips to the movie theatre this year. I am especially lucky to live in a city like Montreal, because I was able to see every single one of these on the big screen, thanks to smaller independent theatres and Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival (which I can’t recommend enough). This being the time of year for the spooks, and when most people want to get their horror fill, I thought I’d lend my own experiences to help people choose what to see (and what to avoid) when it comes to the last year in horror. As a few of these were shown Fantasia, they have yet to hit the theatre circuit, and some probably never will. The list is not definite (I’m missing quite a few, notably The Final Destination, Saw VI and Paranormal Activity) and is ordered from worst to best.


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