Happy 50th Anniversary to the Hockey Mask!


Gilles Graton

Believe it or not, there was a time in my life that I hoped to make a career of designing goalie masks. It was never meant to be, but I still appreciate the artistry and personalization involved. It is one of the appeals of hockey for me, a sport that I feel is founded by personality and grit. I’m not the fan I once was, but there is something brutally exciting about a good hockey game, and it always reminds me of a time when I hoped to be somehow involved in capturing that energy through art in some way. Time changes us though. Hmm.

2 responses to “Happy 50th Anniversary to the Hockey Mask!

  1. I didn’t realize you liked hockey so much (or at all, for that matter) – now I feel silly for explaining who Don Cherry is…

  2. Well, I’m an ex-patriote… fan thing. I haven’t followed the game actively since the lock-out. I still love the history though, maybe one day I’ll post some of the hockey art I did in high school, it’s pretty decent. Don’t worry about it! Explaining who Don Cherry is is a hilarious task in and of itself, and I wouldn’t rob you of that moment.

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