À l’intérieur (Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury, 2007)


A repulsive and ridiculously nonsensical horror film,that poses as something profound and emotional. The film begins with a car crash and cuts immediately to the pregnant driver, Sarah, who is now just a day from being induced into labour. She is understandably depressed, her husband having died, and she was also told there were no other survivors. It’s christmas eve and she decides to spend the night alone.

Fast forward, and a creepy woman, emerced in darkness, is at the door. She knows intimite details about the lead’s life, and is intimidating. Sarah manages to get an obscured photo of the woman, and calls the police, who come to check on her.

Things only escalate, as the woman makes her way into the house and attempts to murder Sarah and steal her unborn child using a pair of big looking scissors. Sarah fights back, realizes she doesn’t want to die or something, and a back and forth of violence, anger and blood-lust ensues. Lots of people die, police officers come back to life, and the twist could not be more uninspiring. Why there even had to be a twist, I don’t know.

The film is bloody, so if you like that…. you might enjoy this film. It is absolutely humourless though, and is devoid of life. It is essentially a soul sucking endeavor that does little to enlighten or enrich either your verve for life or understanding of self. This is the worst kind of horror film, and to have been told it may be among the best of the New French Horror Wave, I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing more from the resurgence.

It takes itself remarkably seriously, though I can’t reiterate how little it has to say. It even makes an attempt to tie in the riots of disenchanted immigrant youths, mostly Muslim, to the storyline. One of the casualties is a young Muslim boy who claims innocence. How this ties into anything, I don’t know… I think it’s just lazy posturing of intelligence and depth.

13 responses to “À l’intérieur (Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury, 2007)

  1. There’s a kind of one-upmanship of the grotesque going on in France and, while training some excellent special effects people, I can’t say I’m thrilled by the soul-destroying bleakness of it all. Marytrs is the culmination of this and is one of those essential to see (for better or worse) just to talk about it movies… really after Marytrs I can’t see how there can be anything else. It’s like the last statement on the subject… but I’m sure they will try.

  2. I don’t like that kind of one-unmanship, though I imagine it is kinda fun to make… despite how absolutely somber the storylines and themes are.

    DG: I thought it would be good for some bizarre reason.

  3. It is revolting, and you know what… senselessly. I’ve seen other films that use a huge amount of gore, Trouble Every Day comes to mind, and it has a similarly bleak outlook…. but it works.

  4. I tried to watch Trouble Every Day once, the DVD was scratched and stopped after 20 minutes…

    Denis’s film 35 Rhums is playing tomorrow at Theatre Outremont, you should see it, it’s great, one of my favourite films of the 00s.

  5. look at the movie like this: yes, its extremely gory and probably one of the most brutal out there, BUT as though it may seem nonsensical and pompous, it does have something to say that is meaningful, and is not depressing or without hope, the film is obviously about the birthing process, and the pains of creation, using a pregnant woman as the central metaphor, it can also be seen as pregnant anxiety, a woman’s fear of giving birth and the pains she faces, the movie moves in obvious contractions that match the speed and tempo of the movie’s pace, the “muslim boy” actually has a huge part to play as a christ-figure who claims his innocence the whole time and is led to death in the end, only to…what? be resurrected, so youve got creation/destruction, christ symbolism of resurrection (anyone i think can appreciate the symbolism of resurrection whether christian or not), gore, blood, even a female oedipal complex, wow what a soup! think! about it, creation isnt always a clean and pretty thing and this movie gets to the heart of it, great movie! a classic!!!

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