Two Duds

Ju-On (Takashi Shimizu, 2002)


I don’t really know what to say about this, it mostly bored me to tears. It has some effective imagery, but the narrative really worked on creating any kind of cohesive atmosphere or mood. Also, outside of some monster stuff… which is creepy, the film is rather visually uninteresting and little tension is built by creating effective compositions or using clever editing. The first half is decent enough, but the whole thing becomes very redundant and very fast.

Final Destination (James Wong, 2000)


I watched Final Destination with my sisters and I have to say, it just wasn’t good. It wasn’t even bad in a way that was particularly fun to make fun of… we tried, but it seemed forced, mostly because it just was not campy enough. The deaths weren’t even particularly original or interesting, and the film is ARTLESS for lack of a better term. Sorority Row was more interesting for God’s sake! Honestly, not much to say about this one, it is so completely bland in every way. They didn’t even kill off someone who sucks, I mean… srsly, whats the point?

4 responses to “Two Duds

  1. the deaths in the second and third Final Destinations are far more creative and depraved, and actually DO make those films bad yet fun, rather than just bad.

  2. I have to say I found all three of the Final Destination movies to be, well, not bad. “Artless” is actually a pretty good way of describing them, but I still had some fun with them. The death of the teacher in her kitchen was actually pretty funny in the lengthy way it was staged (and the foreshadowing of the big knife on the door) and the car crash at the start of the second one was pretty cool (yes, I know that’s a lame description, but as fairly crappy as some of the CGI was, it still worked as a whole for me).

    True, I guess the third was, uh, not so great…

    Turning to “Ju-On”, I love it…I think Shimizu does a great job creating atmosphere with the sound field and is creative in how the ghosts appear. It was a steady build of creep for me – first time I watched it I was halfway through when I realized I had curled myself up into a ball on the couch. I also like how it stayed true to its premise – you enter the house, you die. No healing of the wounded ghost, blah, blah, blah – the spirit is pissed and you will suffer.

    But hey, what do you know…You didn’t like “Deep Red”!

    B-) I kid of course…

  3. I might eventually see the others, most people tell me the others are more creative. I can definetely see how they can be fun, I usually enjoy films like that for that factor.

    I can see it having that effect, but I found that having so many different characters and storylines lessened the potential effect substantially, until I was out of it completely. A shame… it would have made an interesting short I think.

    I know :/

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