Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kasuma, 2009)


To it’s credit, this film has converted me on Megan Fox. She may be a little fake looking, but she is actually really hot, and has this undeniable animalistic kind of oomph that I can’t resist. She has to stop with the plastic surgery now though, because it’s a slippery slope…

OTHERWISE, this movie kinda sucked. I was momentarily charmed by the overabundant cutesy, ridiculous dialogue and outrageously over the top direction… but oh man, did it ever wear thin, and FAST.

Though Kasuma is hardly an a-list talented director, I doubt even in the hands of the most skilled director this film could even HOPE to be decent, without a major overhaul of the script. I get it, Juno was a big hit, I liked it… but that does not necessarily mean we should give carte blanche to Cody, and how I wish they didn’t. The script reminds me of something I read in my first year of “college”, by some creative but seriously scatterbrained kid. I don’t think think the writing is completely hopeless, it has some clever moments, some fun undertones and potential commentary on teenage relationships (friendship and the sexy kind), but as is… none of it really works.

The script needs serious workshopping or ghost writing, it could have been salvaged, but sometimes people put way too much faith in people who don’t really deserve it.

Keep the cast, keep some of the campiness, re-direct the plot, focus a scene here and there, amp up the satire and the film could have worked. Maybe… I think?

4 responses to “Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kasuma, 2009)

  1. dude is fox hot enough to distract from the rest of the shit? What about the UFO chick and fox’s making out scene? short or long, good or not?

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