House on Sorority Row (Mark Rosman, 1983)


A supremely dull and uninteresting slasher film. Why do I waste my time? I should remember to avoid films of this type, but going from what I know of Hollywood, they usually try to remake films that are usually creative or interesting… though, it does seem to defeat the purpose, as the film has already been done well in the first place. I do kinda like the lead actress here, she has a nice face, and though not a great actress, she brings intensity. One scene towards the end has some nifty lighting as well, the “you’re the bait sequence”. Interestingly enough, it isn’t transferred to the remake. It ALMOST makes the film worth recommending, it’s trippy. Okay, the film isn’t entirely bad, it has some moments of thoughtfullness, they’re just mostly towards the very end. You really have to be patient, sit through a lot of very bad film to get to them.

One response to “House on Sorority Row (Mark Rosman, 1983)

  1. I prefer Black Chiristmas but I buy this film and the truth its that I liked it, of course this is not the big slasher film but its not a trash. I bought Candyman -togheter with Sorority- a great movie and a really urban legend.

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