What I’ve been up to…


There are two main reasons why I haven’t updated this month. The first is one that has plagued me in the past, my laptop once again, has died on me. Luckily I’m getting a new one this month, so hopefully these problems will be coming to an end very soon.

The second is more fun, though it hasn’t taken up nearly as much time as I would have liked. For the past two weeks, Montreal has been hosting the Fantasia Film Festival and I’ve been going to see some films (only five to date and I’ve only managed to write two reviews so far!). I’m seeing at least three more before the festival ends this Wednesday, closing with Trick’ R’ Treat and Tarantino’s new film, Inglorious Basterds, hosted by Eli Roth.

I’ve been lucky enough to be writing for Twitch, an online site for Asian/weird cinema, and hopefully by the next few days you’ll be able to read even more of my work. Until then, here are some thoughts on Grace (Paul Solet) and Dream (Kim Ki-Duk). I’ve also seen Love Exposure (Sion Sono), Orochi (Norio Tsuruta) and The Children (Tom Shankland).

Some of the other writing I’ve been doing has been for Playtime magazine. I put out a short article on my obsession of June, Josey Losey, focusing especially on his relationship with Harold Pinter. Most recently I’ve also written a short review of (500) Days of Summer.

I’ve also done something very rare indeed, and I’ve picked up a novel! I have about 30 pages left to read of Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which is wonderfully evocative and heart wrenching. It’s not a difficult read, though I find many of the ideas and sentiments very complex and it’s not necessarily “light” reading. I definitely recommend it though.

As for the blog world, may I recommend some recent favourite articles and ideas;

Spengo at From Atlantis to the Interzone presents his Favourite Actresses.

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule presents another Quiz, one that I’ll hopefully be completing in the next few days.

Polar Bear reviews Jane Campion’s new film, Bright Star, which he saw at some NZ film fest and is apparently super awesome.

I generally just enjoy browsing Surface Noise because it looks soooo gooood. Here is an example of the rather unique visual flair that the site is enfused with, 20 shots from Jazz on a Summer Day (1960)

Hopefully you’ll see some updates in the next week . Look out for them!

8 responses to “What I’ve been up to…

  1. Yea, the Fantasia posters are fantastic this year. I know so many people who’ve gotten the panflits/books just for it. It’s beautiful. They also have ads in the metros about killer food that are pretty awesome. Disgusting, but awesome.

  2. They’re certainly far more interesting than the promotional material I saw at the Glasgow Film Festival. :/

    The head of the woman in that poster reminds me of the monsters in the first Hellboy film, heh.

  3. Good luck with your computer issues (few things in life are more frustrating), and many thanks for the kind words and link!

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