Five Best Films I saw in May

Saw about 25 films this month, give or take. Quite a few rewatches too. I’ve been pretty busy working lately and my computer problem not having cleared up has put dark cloud over my enthusiasm for updating/responding to comments, but I promise to get back on board ASAP. I actually saw a lot of really amazing films in May, and hope June shows similar promise. It was actually extremely difficult to just narrow it down to five, so I hope you appreciate my efforts!

Dead Ringers (Cronenberg, 1988)

Drag me to Hell (Raimi, 2009)

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Meyer, 1965)

Up (Pete Docter, 2009)

raise the red lantern PDVD_008
Raise the Red Lantern (Yimou, 1991)

13 responses to “Five Best Films I saw in May

  1. whoa, I really am 2 for 2!

    And Up sounds better and better with every comment and review I read. I must see it…but I refuse to accept the notion that Pixar can out-do the (IMO) flawless WALL-E with their VERY NEXT film. They must’ve sold their souls to the devil, they really must’ve…

  2. Dead Ringers is awesome. Probably Cronenberg’s best film, and that’s really saying something.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Drag Me To Hell, too. Maybe later this week…

  3. As I submitted that comment, I looked up on the thread to see shahn’s prior comment (albeit from 3 days ago). All the more reason to join in!

  4. Hope things are well in the regions of movies and mirth. Is your computer stuff still giving you grief?

  5. Does this mean you’re alive?! And is that Julie Christie in “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” atop your blog? -hope it’s a sign of good health!

  6. I am alive! I’ll hopefully also start to update… computer still filled with grief, possibly worse? I’m persisting, I’m fighting. We’ll see…

  7. Goodness, I’m sorry you’ve had all this trouble!

    I just got my little Lenovo netbook hooked up to the internet in my new apartment– which means a week has been completely swallowed up in ghastly time-wasting; I haven’t even been able to make myself PICK UP a book . . . it’s dreadful.

    Admittedly, because letting strangers bustle in takes a huge toil on my psyche, I’m exasperated to find a notice rolled up at my door that the cable utilities people have to come around to all the apts soon to ‘reconfigure cables’ or some crap like that– which means I’ll keep things in a state of wreck in here till they get DONE!

    Really, I’m giving the late MJ a run for his hermetic money, but my poor little novel is suffering badly! I’m already pining for Thoreauean isolation from the world of tech!! –But I hope you won’t be feeling that too!

    –Hey, did you write about “Silent Night, Bloody Night” during your horror marathon? I seem to remember you mentioning it; actually I think you would be the 1st person I’d ever heard of it from. Anyway, i watched it under embarssing circumstances– off of YOUTUBE, egads!– but really enjoyed it.

  8. Reconfingering cables does not sound good, they’re terrible… nothing ever quite works out :/

    No I didn’t, I haven’t seen it yet! Maybe next Halloween. I’ll put it on the “list”

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