Five Best Films I Saw in April

It’s been nearly two weeks since I last updated, I can’t say I’ve been very busy but I needed a little break from writing. Hopefully as May starts up I can get back to a more regular schedule, and post at least a few thoughts on most of my viewings. I actually saw more films than usual in April, about 30, with maybe one or two rewatches thrown in. I also saw my very first Ozu film (Tokyo Story), as well as one or two films that I’d now count among my all time favourites. It wasn’t easy to narrow down my choices to just five, but I managed somehow.  Presented in alphabetical order.

Adventureland (Greg Mottola, 2009)


Legend of Hell House (John Hough, 1973)


Make Way for Tomorrow (Leo McCarey, 1937)


Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992)


Safe in Hell (William A. Wellman, 1931)


5 responses to “Five Best Films I Saw in April

  1. Hey, you finally saw Orlando! I must have missed it in your sig. What did you think about it? I thought it was beautiful and interesting, but a little too theatrical and artificial in the acting style for my taste.

  2. Adventureland was pretty good… The worst movie I saw in April was “Observe and Report”. Ugh. It started off funny but then hit
    a brick wass. The film got to heavy-handed for its own good !!!

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