10 responses to “Peek-a-Boo

  1. Great minds 😀 I was meaning to ask you, what other Wellman films would you deem as “essential” to see. I’m interested in seeing more of his work, but don’t know where to start.

  2. essential:
    Beggars of Life (1928)
    Night Nurse (1931)
    Safe in Hell (1931)
    Heroes for Sale (1933)
    Wild Boys of the Road (1933)
    Roxie Hart (1942)
    The Story of GI Joe (1945)
    Battleground (1948)
    Yellow Sky (1949)

    worth watching:
    The Public Enemy (1931)
    Other Men’s Women (1931)
    Frisco Jenny (1932)
    The Purchase Price (1932)
    So Big! (1932)
    College Coach (1933)
    Lilly Turner (1933)
    Midnight Mary (1933)
    Small Town Girl (1936)
    Nothing Sacred (1937)
    A Star is Born (1937)
    The Iron Curtain (1948)
    Across the Wide Missouri (1951)
    Westward the Women (1951)
    Island in the Sky (1953)
    Track of the Cat (1954)
    Goodbye, My Lady (1956)

  3. i still have quite a few blind spots in his filmography–i mean, i’m still missing all of his aviation movies, not to mention quite few fan favorites, but if you explore him more, i hope you like what you see.

  4. Relevant to your Female Film Canon, check out Ruth Chatterton in Wellman’s Frisco Jenny, as well as Michael Curtiz’ Female from 1933… she was a fantastic actress, all but forgotten now! (Both films are part of the Forbidden Hollywood series.)

  5. Both have been on my radar for a while, I think I’m going to dive back into some pre-code cinema soon. It’s always a nice and surprising treat.

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