6 responses to “Awesome Poster for Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

  1. I’m not sure why they censored “love” at the end. Hopefully it’s a sign that word is becoming taboo.

    I don’t know what the poster means, though. Why is there a girl behind the dots? Ruins the picture. :/

  2. Well Mango, it’s a play on the expressing. Since the movie is about a call girl, I’m guessing they mean “See it with someone you F-U-C-K” :/

    Because she’s a mystery, like all women are.

  3. Wow, I love this poster! Do you know if the dots are those colours because they’ve used a different picture beneath the girl, or just fancy colours?

  4. See it with someone you stars?? Is this something you do to another person? 😐

    Also, I’m convinced that if you stare at the poster long enough, you’ll see side booblies.

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