TMZ ripped off my sisters…

For weeks, if not months now, my little sisters have been going on and on about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s uncanny resemblance to Javier Bardem. Today TMZ posted a photo comparison, and my sisters are calling foul. They’re regretting now talking about this revelation in public places and not starting a celebrity gossip site of their own! They’re worried now, that they might not be able to love Jeffrey Dean Morgan with the same passion as before. Now, they’re going to wait patiently to see if their next underground celebrity makes it big, or that TMZ takes some of their Heroes related romance speculations to heart.


12 responses to “TMZ ripped off my sisters…

  1. Just came across your site and saw this. I actually had been realizing this for a while as well due to my obsession (maybe too strong of a term) with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Wikipedia actually has had it on both JDM and JB pages for at least a month. Even encyclopedias noted it…thought that was hilarious.

  2. The resemblance is really striking. I actually find Morgan to be better-looking, he has a nicer nose, and a much friendlier face. But Javier’s accent is sexy. I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed. Ever.

  3. Sarah: My sisters are dissapointed to hear this, though are still adament that they were the first.

    Greg: They wish they could.

    Orph: I agree 100%. They even have the same dimples and stubble, it’s freaky. Morgan is better looking, though not by much. Nicer eyes.

  4. Don’t shoot me but JDM may resemble Javier just a bit but Javier Bardem is a very sexy guy and has something about him that I just do not see in JDM.
    To each his own.You need to check out some of Javier’s movies like “Jamon Jamon” and “Between Your Legs” to really get it.The photo of Javier TMZ used is not that great.Look around for others and you’ll see that he is indeed,one hot chico!

  5. There is no denying that Bardem is super hot, it’s like choosing between two super hot guys… I’d be happy either way honestly :p I haven’t seen either of those films :/

    Simon: Maybe you represent every single thing that is wrong with the world :/

  6. I was watching a video and i saw Jeffrey dean Morgan then i thought Wait a Minute!! that is Penelope Cruz’s Boyfriend i Thought his name was Javier Bardem..then i search on google for Jeffrey dean and i saw the pictures i was like OMG! THEY LOOK JUST THE SAME!!

  7. I told my daughter tonight that I thought Dean and Sam Winchesters dad is Javier Bardem. She disagreed. I googled it and came across your site. The resemblance is remarkable.
    I think JDM is a bit sexier.

  8. both are very good looking, but I agree. I think it’s probably because JDM has a gentler expression, very kind looking, but playful as well. Bardem has more of that seriousness, though there is still something of a trickster look to him.

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