Duplicity (Tony Gilroy, 2009)


Not much to say about Duplicity, I didn’t even particularly want to see it, but it happens to have been the only thing playing at a given time (I had planned on seeing Knowing, but it was sold out, I know ridiculous). It has some clever moments (the dialogue on a whole is very strong), and strong photography, but the plot fails to truly engage the viewer in an interesting way. Possibly because it’s constantly twisting expectations, and making twist after twist after twist, which turns out to be an entirely different twist all together. I’m not a huge fan of Julia Roberts either, and though she certainly isn’t grating here, she isn’t likeable either. Clive Owen does what he can, but even delivers a somewhat lacklustre performance. The film’s real stars are the two competition CEO’s, Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti. Their performances and presence are enough that I’d mildly recommend this for a rental.

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