I Love You Man (2009)


Saw an advanced screening of I Love You Man (2009) last night, and it failed to meet my expectations. As a fan of Paul Rudd and to a lesser extent, Jason Segel, I was hoping for a very strong comedy about male bonding. The film is mostly a failure, not delivering on laughs or insight. Rudd is still very good, creating a beautifully awkward performance that I’m sure most people can sympathise. Saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, but rarely exaggerated to such extremes as most contemporary comedies. Ultimately, the film feels too long, and the relationships too broad to ever really have an impact. Though a step down in terms of comedy, I do feel this film is a step up in terms of developing relationships among it’s male leads and their girlfriend/wives, at least amidst popular films like Knocked Up. Then again, the male relationship presented here feels especially pale in context of a string of buddy comedies, focused on the man-child antics of it’s characters. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of Pineapple Express, it does handle the evident homoeroticism present in buddy films and most modern comedies in a much stronger and overall funny light than this film. Overall, I can’t say I recommend this very highly, if you’re really interest it might be worth a rental.

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