Belated Best of February

I’ve been having a lot of computer problems as of lte, and just got back my laptop after an extended period. I forgot to save all my pertinent files, including my viewing log. The problems as well as owing some monumental fines at the video store have put a serious dent in my viewing. I still managed to see 25 films in February, though only 5 so far this month…. so yea, my choices in alphabetical order, only first time viewings.
Easy Living (Leisen, 1937)


The House that Screamed (Serrador, 1969)


Last Summer (Perry, 1969)


Milk (Van Sant, 2008)


Silkwood (Nichols, 1983)

7 responses to “Belated Best of February

  1. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had these problems! I hope they will resolve themselves in a timely and pleasing manner . . .

    I’m just at the moment excited that Visconti’s “L’Innocente” has just been released on dvd– though I have no RIGHT to be, since a) I have no means available to see it currently; and b) there’s the matter of that UNVIEWED copy of “The Leopard” that’s been floating around–somewhere–in my trunks of possessions for . . . I don’t even want to say how long, but I had PLENTY of opportunity to watch it (again and again!) back in my days of heaven! Damnit it all to hell!!

  2. I wrote these thoughts after watching it Mango:

    “With Preston Sturges manning the screenplay and Jean Arthur in the starring role, Easy Living had me expecting something great before the film even started. Though Sturges is no doubt at his best when directing his own films, there is no denying that this film owes everything to his quick-wit and talent for turning chaste Hollywood into something bawdy and unexpected. This film plays with expectations and misunderstandings wonderfully, highlighting a banker who cannot count and an innocent working girl who cannot say no, who’se paths cross by chance and both their lives change forever. I cannot say enough about Jean Arthur who is without a doubt one of the screen’s best comedians, even when she isn’t delivering dialogue, it’s difficult to take your eyes off her. Though this film feels more like a test run for Sullivan’s Travels and The Palm Beach Story, it’s no less one of the great screwballs of Hollywoood’s golden age.”

    Others: It’s Streep’s Boob, only picture I could find :/

    Jason: I think they’re mstly resolved now… I hope. I haven’t seen L’innnocente, I want to. Hopefully his version of Camus’ Stranger will be out eventually. The Leopard is good, but hardly one of my favourites.

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