Guess your top ten of 2009!

Around this time last year, I put together a list of films predicting what my favourite films of 2008 would be. I was in for a surprise, as 2 of the films were never released, and one doesn’t even exist (The Spielberg one?). Even looking at the list, I’ve only seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Standard Operating Procedure and Wall-E. Though, in my defense, Che never opened near me and I lost all interest in Changeling. I should still probably be seeing Burn After Reading soon enough. Still, a lot of fun.

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (David Fincher)
2. The Argentine/Guerilla (Soderbergh)
3. Burn After Reading (Coen Brothers)
4. Standard Operating Procedure (Morris)
5. The Leatherheads (Clooney)
6. WALL-E (Stanton)
7. The Road (Hillcoat)
8. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Spielberg)
9. Changeling (Eastwood)
10. The Brothers Bloom (Johnson)

On the topic, I’ve decided to re-assemble a list of my predicted year end list for 2009. I’m fully prepared to be dissapointed with some of these, barely expecting half of them to see the light of day. Having learned my lesson, I’ve added a list of 5 back-ups. For every film on my list that doesn’t get released, one of them will be bumped up. This list was actually quite difficult to make, 2009 ought to be an interesting year. I also fully expect a few wonderful surprises, especially from outside of the USA.

Guess your top ten of 2009

1. Broken Embraces (Pedro Almodovar)


2. The Girlfriend Experience (Steven Soderbergh)


3. Tree of Life (Malick)


4. The Road (John Hillcoat)


5. Where The Wild Things Are (Spike Jonze)


6. Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino)


7. Up! (Pete Docter)


8. Coco Before Chanel (Anne Fontaine)


9. Public Enemies (Michael Mann)


10. Taking Woodstock (Ang Lee)



Shutter Island (Martin Scorsese)
Whatever Works (Woody Allen)
The Limits of Control (Jim Jarmusch)
Nine (Rob Marshall)
Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama)

12 responses to “Guess your top ten of 2009!

  1. that picture of Sasha Grey from The Girlfriend Experience = *drool*.

    Don’t mind me as I oggle porn star Sasha Grey. Can’t be helped 😕

    But anyway, the success of 2009 for me completely hinges on how good The Road and Inglorious Basterds will be. End of story.

  2. good stuff. i’m looking forward to most of the ones that weren’t on my list. except for the diablo cody one… chanel, woodstock and nine all just missed my list.

  3. That “Jennifer’s Body” poster looks a lot like the Charlene Harris (?)-HBO thing’s promo, doesn’t it?

    If I haven’t groused before about Diablo Cody’s use of her “Suspiria” allusion in “Juno”, I don’t think she really appreciates what she’s talking about– so my expectations for her concocting a trashterpiece are low. But we’ll see.

    Malick’s really on a tear these days, by Malick standards, no?!

    And, err, as for this Soderbergh crap, hmm . . . . Hope you weren’t too upset about missing “Che”, but I can’t imagine you really missed anything! This chick in the “girlfriend” movie looks KINDA hot, but– somehow not so much! . . .

  4. Before you see Ang Lee’s film of Elliot Tiber’s memoir TAKING WOODSTOCK, do yourself a favor and definitely read the book. It’s great fun, and a very telling account of that magical Summer of ’69 told in a very unique way that may surprise you . . .

  5. Moogirl: I’m not a bio-pic normally, but for two of the reasons you mention, I have high hopes for this films!

    Justin: The Cody one can go either way, I’m hoping it goes towards the good but yea.. it almost seems unlikely at this point. We’ll just have to see.

    Jason: They’re nearly identitcal but the HBO is nicer.

    Heh, I always found that sequence really awkward, like nobody really knew what they were talking about, but I digress. I still have hope for her number two feature, though frankly I don’t know why. I was reading up to it, and they compared it to Heathers. Maybe that was it!

    I know, it’s kinda frightening. I was at first reluctant to put it on the list, because I thought it seemed unlikely that it would even be ready for this year, but doing some readin, they say it should be done in time for Cannes! Did someone increase his caffeine intake or something?

    She’s a porn star! So, I can understand it. She looks too polished, especially in that picture, but as far as porn stars go, she’s actually quite attractive and very smart. She’s a friend of a friend of a friend, and she’s apparently a great writer and really knows her stuff when it comes to movies.

    Steve: I’ll give it a go, I’m not much of a reader unfortunately. I can rarely find the time 😦

  6. It’ll be fun to see her in a different genre, it seems she’s very experienced ^_^

    * Assault That Ass #9
    * Cum Fart Cocktails #5
    * Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
    * Hellfire Sex #7
    * Sasha Grey Superslut
    * Sex Slaves #2
    * Tight Teen Twats #2
    * Freaky First Timers #2
    * Slut Puppies #2
    * Smokin Hot
    * Suck It Dry #3
    * Swallow My Squirt #4
    * Teenage Anal Princess #5
    * Rich Little Bitch
    * Girl Next Door #2
    * In Through The Back Door
    * Illegal Ass #2
    * House Of Ass #3
    * Gang Bang #5

  7. I had no idea any/most of these films were coming out. Though I’m pretty much down on most contemporary mainstream cinema some of this has me excited, particularly Where the Wild Things Are and Public Enemies, though all of these sound interesting.

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