French Film, 1926

The film Mauprat directed by Jean Epstein features Luis Bunuel as assistant director, it will be his first film credit. Though born in Spain, Bunuel would begin and end his career in France, creating some of his best work in French and financed by French supporters.

An experimental documentary about Paris is released called Rien que les heures. Continued innovation and experimention in France continues. The continued innovation of the medium is about to peak as sound is on the brink of becoming the mainstream. Avant-garde and experimental cinema is at it’s height, and one can only assume that such a heavy influx of films that push the boundaries and understanding of the medium will never be matched again.

Ménilmontant (Dimitri Kirsanoff)

Carmen (Jacques Feyder)

Feu Mathias Pascal (Marcel L’Herbier)

6 responses to “French Film, 1926

  1. That “Carmen” lady reminds me of Guinever van (is it Sesterin?)– anyway, “Guinevere” my pet favorite fashion model.

    Did you land on a motherlode of French silents, or is this an heroic undertaking you just committed yourself to doing? Be sure and tell us all about Abel Gance!

  2. I don’t know her 😦

    I’ve decided to take on a heroic undertaking of french film history. Gance is up next, I am praying to GOD that I enjoy Napoleon, because it’s 5 1/2 hours… I actually have 2 films lined up for 1928 too, I couldn’t resist going either one! I hope I make it to the 1960s though, that’ll be the most exciting era for me.

  3. If you are so intent on learning all this about French film history, you ought topace yourself. You are posting these at an awful fast rate, and your short reviews show a bit of naivete about the time. You ought to be committed to long study hours…

    Is that you grabbing Rien que les heures?

  4. If I were moving at a slower pace I have no doubt that you would also be telling me I’m failing at another project. I’m moving faster than I thought I would, I’ll probably slow down very soon. I have committed many hours to studying, my naivity is simply a reflection of my on naive attitudes and world view. I cannot help who I am.

    No it isn’t 😦

  5. Well, you HAVE to love “Napoleon”!!! I’ve only seen the Coppola-underwritten restored version; I had it taped off tv but I’ve lost it, and it’s still not on dvd here (so it seems!?) What a flaggergasting epic! like Fanny and Alexander or Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice, a film I can truly dream-awake on when I’m playing it back in my mind. Such creations dont’ seem to be in the nature of things to even exist– but they do!!!

  6. I actually have the same copy taped off TV! I’ve seen part of it, I remember it fondly… but still, 5 1/2 hours! You sell it quite well I haven’t seen the Sacrifice but I love Fanny and Alexander.

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