Poorly written review of Quantum of Solace (Forster, 2008)


I enjoyed the new entry in the Bond franchise, though it’s mostly due to purposefully ignoring the pitfalls of a sloppy script. It lacked the intensity and character development present in Casino Royale. Though not nearly as relevant to the plot, the lack of further exploration of his character made a lot of his actions and re-actions a little silly and non-sensical. Perhaps if I were able to watch both films, quite literally, back to back it would benefit… but for now, the ideas never seemed to have come together for great effect.

That being said, I really liked Marc Forster’s direction. It was a lot like Bourne, but I think it’s really more like Point Blank, but a bit more shallow. There were some badly orchestrated action sequences, I will admit, but overall I thought his style was extremely evocative and powerful. I especially liked the chase early in the film juxtaposed against the horse race. He was able to maintain this sort of fetish oriented style throughout, and unlike previous Bond entries, instead of focusing on gadgets and objectifying the female form, Marc Forster exploited the surroundings and Bond himself.

I liked both Bond girls too, though I almost think the handling of Camille was too apologetic to the previous Bond entries. Something about the rape angle disturbed me, I don’t know why, but her vengeful attack on the “rapist”, seemed to almost be self-vindicative of the whole series. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but it’s what immediately struck me while watching the film, and I’m not entirely sure it worked or should have worked in that way. Whatever, it’s a strange and unfounded observation.

I enjoyed it, though it’s a little forgetteable and the script could have been WAY better.

6 responses to “Poorly written review of Quantum of Solace (Forster, 2008)

  1. I was pretty ambivalent. I can’t think of anything I liked about it except that it kept me entertained. It lacked everything that made Casino Royale interesting – character development, genuinely suspenseful and shocking moments, pacing and coherent structure, etc. Quantum even sort of deepened my appreciation for the action sequences in Casino Royale – none of the myriad action scenes in Quantum hold a candle to that first one (the one in Madagascar) in Casino Royale.

  2. I agree DG, I enjoyed it, but mostly because I consciously allowed myself to ignore most of it’s glaring faults. I was especially dissapointed by how it dropped the character element. It was still present, but it was underdeveloped and at times even contradictory and non-sensical.

    I completely agree with the action sequences too, I’m generally not much of a fan of them in film, but the opening of Casino Royale is probably one of my all time favourites. Nothing in Quantum Solace, approaches it in terms of quality, interest or suspence.

  3. thought Jonathan was talking about how you spelled Quantum wrong (no offense 😛 )

    but I did hear that this was just a mish-mash of blah action scenes, which doesn’t interest me in the least, especially after how great Casino Royale was. I’m not even gonna bother. Instead I turned to the past, watched From Russia With Love last night which was GREAT, and Goldfinger tonight or tomorrow. Sean Connery and his sleazy womanizing and terrible puns for the win.

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