What should I watch in November?

I’ve focused most of my October viewings on horror, and I’m surprised to say I enjoy focusing my viewings, at least for a limited time. I’ve decided to do the same for  November, but can’t seem to decide what. I’ve narrowed it down, and would like to hear your opinions. I’m also trying out the nifty new poll feature on wordpress. Just because a category wins, doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily choose it, though it will definetely play highly into my consideration. If you want to hear more specifically what I mean by any of the categories, or even for a short list of the films I will most likely be watching (for each category, there is a short list of 5-10 films I have  already planned I will almost definetely see), just ask.

Also, in case you  don’t understand what I mean by 100 best films I’ve never seen, or the Life  cinematic list, here are the links:

100 Best Films I’ve Never Seen

The Life Cinematic Top List

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