Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (Sullivan, 2004)

For a sequel, Ginger Snaps: Unleashed is actually a fairly decent film. It never reaches the same quality of the first film, but it’s still a very watcheable horror film. It continues a little after the first, Brigitte is now on the run as a werewolf is in pursuit because it wants to mate with her. Having been infected in the first film, she’s also constantly battling with her own infection obsessively. Bad luck brings her to be staying in a clinic for girl drug addicts, in what is easily the strongest portion of the film.

What first struck me about this segment is it’s subversive attack on the medical system, which is underfunded and largely inneffective. First and foremost, there is a brief and scating comment about the government being unwilling to support a clinic that supports and helps drugs addicts. Seriously underfunded, they also became a long-care facility for burn victims. Corruption and ridiculous sequences follow, the treatment of the characters in the facility is much like those in high school in the earlier film.

Taking off from the first film, Ginger Snaps: Unleashed further explores the nature of the beast, and Brigitte’s persisted reluctance to conform and let the beast escape. A bit more obvious then the previous film, Unleashed seems to acknowledge more fully that there is little difference between the werewolf and your every day next door neighbour. We are all ruled by our baser needs and desires, and will do depraved and ruthless things to get them. The difference is, we have a choice… if that is the right choice is another matter entirely. Is Brigitte’s choice to keep running, keep drugging herself the right one? I’m not entirely sure.

The film though, is imperfect. Much of this having to do with a new character, Ghost, a young girl staying at the clinic who is well… annoying. Though she is annoying to Brigitte too, I’m not entirely fond of her character arc and how her involvement develops the story. Once they leave the clinic, it becomes even more Ghost centric… and really, it’s quite weak comparitively to the first half of the film. I don’t particularly like how the film ends… it does play into the same themes and ideas presented earlier on, but it’s far from satisfying and is not particularly interesting.

Though apparently the weakest in the trilogy, I think I will check out the third film… which is also a prequel, just for completion.

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