Some Fall Photography

I’ve been neglecting my film viewing, though I should watch something tonight. Went out to take some pictures though, because it’s my favourite time of year.

14 responses to “Some Fall Photography

  1. The photos look good and I like the first one, at the top, the best.


  2. I’ve only been into photography for a little more than a year but every time I view others images, I always enjoy what I see and try to duplicate what was done. Your images are really great. The colors are so intense. Did you highlight them with Photoshop out of curiosity?

  3. Tony: Yes, I did spark them up a little in post-production. I think in this case, I only boosted the contrast slightly.

    Mango!: I’m going downtown tomorrow. I can make it happen.

  4. There are absolutely many perks to California. As far as weather goes, I lived through enough blizzards in suburban New York growing up to know that I never miss winter. But this time each year I think of the wind, rain and leaves of Autumn, something that I didn’t realize I would miss until I was already gone.

  5. I really like winter, I’m not sure more than summer, and definetely not as much as autumn… but I like walking through snow, and just watching it fall. I like cold winter nights where I can cuddle under all my blankets. And hot chocolate is much better when it’s actually cold outside.

  6. I remember those late nights as the snow fell, looking at it under the street lights and there is something comforting about that…it’s what I would have to deal with the morning after I never liked very much. Your photo pointing upwards at the trees with the sky behind it reminds me of what I really miss.

  7. I’m willing to live with the horrors of the mornings for the comfort of the evening. But yes, I can understand well enough why it is unpleasent… caused me a fair share of problems.

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