Silent Horror, starring: Me

Synopsis: A young Canadian finds herself bored and alone one evening. Struck by sudden inspiration, she decides to make herself up like a silent film actress and act out a horror film. The results…. are mixed…

Truly,if I had more time, an actual costume and I didn’t have to take the pictures myself these might have been pretty cool. It would have been great if I had a story too, but alas. Oh well, at least it was fun. There are quite a few more if ever people are interested. These were the best and more interesting, which really tells you the quality of the rest

Reviews for Silent horror:

“A visceral, and unnerving tale, from the director of Vampire Lesbians. A story that attempts to frighten and shock, with the simple format of a girl and a camera.”

-William Blake

11 responses to “Silent Horror, starring: Me

  1. Nice eyeball, but you have to work on some of your horror expressions.

    I am kind of inspired to make a silent horror of my own. The last silent short I did was lots of fun, and a horror sounds like it would make the process all the more exciting.

  2. I know! I also couldn’t think of many different expressions, I even tried to do some research trying to find expressiosn I could copy to no avail.

    I really want to make a horror someday, a silent would be incredible. Have you seen Maddin’s “Tales from Gimli Hospital”? I think I’ll rent it next time I go to the video store.

    It doesn’t exist yet, it’s sorta an in-joke between me and a friend. It’s our dream project 😀

    I think I’m going to try and make a moving silent horror soon, I just need to put together a quick story. I don’t think it’ll be too hard. Besides, it’s a ton of fun!

  3. We should have a contest and see who can make the best horror short before Halloween. Have you made any films before?

    Hmm… I think I shall start working on this project.

  4. Hmmm, I’ll take you up on that. I have terrible follow-through though :/

    I’ve made a few films. I think I might do a still thing though, just because I don’t think my camera really works anymore. I’ll see though.

  5. Nice non-committal answer. Maybe we need to make this really competative–cash prizes or something (Halloween candy!), and more contestants.

  6. I’ve been watching a lot of the American political debates, the non-commital answer is something I’ve been really working on.

    Really though, I’d love to do it. I’m actually trying to work on it at this very moment. Count me in.

  7. Gotta love a pretty sweet black and white photo shoot. Especially one featuring a lovely Canadian that is inspired by old school horror 🙂

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