Inspired by The Shanghai Express (1932)

I was in class (not my own… *cough*), watching Josef Von Sternberg’s 1932 film, The Shanghai Express and was suddenly inspired to CREATE! The teacher was lecturing about light or legs, and I took it upon myself to create my ode to Dietrich. Using what I could find in my bag, I opened my sketchbook and began. This was created using a pink and yellow highlighter, a blue pen and some brown eyeliner. The results are far from my best, but as it is somewhat movie related I thought I’d share. The quality is also terrible since I took a picture with a digital camera, and didn’t really take the time to check the light or anything.  It’se even a little distorted because of the angle. I think it sorta looks like her… almost.

6 responses to “Inspired by The Shanghai Express (1932)

  1. you made this right there on the spot? It’s incredible! I can’t even imagine what you can do when you’re not just doodling. Good stuff 🙂

  2. You do such a good job at showing off your artistic skills X) Saying things like: I did this on the spot with things I found randomly in my bag while holding a tim horton’s in my hand!
    Trust me, it’s beautiful! I couldn’t do something nearly as good if you gave me 3 years to do it with both my hands! Not that I’m jealous…
    I know the Shanghai Express! They use soft focus in that movie! 😀

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