Horror Screencap 3.0, Now with hints!

By popular demand!


Answer: Black Sabbath (Mr. Peel)


Answer: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931) (Stacia)


Answer: The Phantom of the Opera (William Blake)


Answer: Evil Dead (William Blake)




Answer: An American Werewolf in London (William Blake)


Answer: Night of the Creeps (William Blake)


Answer: Day of the Dead (William Blake)


Answer: Return of the Living Dead (William Blake)


Answer: A Tale of Two Sisters (Miscreation)


Answer: Carnival of Souls (Stacia)


Answer: Dracula (William Blake)


Answer: Salem’s Lot (Kovich)


Answer: The Whip and the Body (Mr. Peel)


Answer:The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Mr. Peel)


Answer: Bedlam (Stacia)


Answer: The Thing (William Blake)


Answer: Candyman (William Blake)


Answer: Dark Water (Spengo)


Answer: Carrie  (Stacia)

17 responses to “Horror Screencap 3.0, Now with hints!

  1. #1 is Black Sabbath. I think #14 will be hard for anyone to guess, but when I stumbled upon the film, the visuals blew me away so I had to include it. I’m happy other people seem as excited for it as I am

  2. No on Sisters, that’s probably the vaguest screencap Icould have conceivably used. I’ll probably most something less ambiguous for the hint, assuming it’s needed.

  3. I’ll just say 15 is “Italian looking” since I’m groveling like a 5 yr. old at this game: “Argento! Argento? Is it Argento? Whaddabout that one, Argento? Argento!” Unfortunately, since I’ve only seen one Bava, right now that’s all I know!

    But 14. definitely has a resonance about it. Reminds me a bit of Visconti’s “The Damned”. I’m wondering who that sibyline figure is and what her/his grief/anticipation/agony can be . . .

  4. 15 IS Italian, and there is a 95% chance it’s Argento… so you’re not the headless chicken that you thought you were!

    It’s a very powerful image, though the more I read about the film in question, the more I’m convinced that it probably will not live up to it… it hardly seems like a favourite in the director’s filmography, though, I’m rarely one to go with traditional favourites.

  5. Looks to me like #14 is The Whip and The Body. And #15 is The Bird With The Crystal Plumage. Gee, I think I’m gonna miss the mystery a little bit.

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