Missing Paul Newman

I’ve been struggling for the past 24 hours over what to say over the passing of Paul Newman. Not only one of my very favourite actors, his films played a huge part of my growing as a person and a cinephile. As my mother’s favourite actor, we bonded over his work, and even at a young age I was exposed to the likes of the Hustler and The Sting. As a man, he managed to eclipse his work in film, using his fame to make the world a better place. With all his great accomplishments, and of course his good looks, it’s a marvel that he would still seem so humble and down to earth. I’m still kind of shattered by his death, I’m having a difficult time accepting. Though he was into his 80s and I knew he was sick, he seemed like one of those actors who would always be around. I don’t have much else to say, except that he will be missed by his fans, and of course his family.

I leave you with a clip from Cool Hand Luke, one of those movies I watch when I’m down. Despite it’s darkness, the film always manages to lift my spirits in a strange way. It’s surprisingly hopeful, though none the less one of those absolutely tragic stories of a man who just wanted to be free.

6 responses to “Missing Paul Newman

  1. I just watched Cool Hand Luke for the first time last night in honor of Paul Newman, and of all scenes in that great movie, the one that really, truly stuck with me on an emotional level is this one, from the staging of luke vs. the prisoners to Newman’s surprisingly soothing voice to the tear rolling down his face. Just incredible.

  2. He will be missed. A great actor, and an
    even greater man. I always loved his lemonade.
    LOL ! My favorite Paul Newman flicks: “Cat on
    a Hot Tin Roof”, “Torn Curtain”, “The Sting”
    and “The Towering Inferno” !

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