Horror Screencap Challenge 2.0- Complete

For Blake :p Same rules as always, if you reckonize the screencap take a guess! This round should be a little harder.


Answer: The Crazies (Kovich)


Answer: The Vanishing (Simon M)


Answer: Shivers (Mr. Peel)


Answer: the Innocents (Stacia)


Answer: Audition (Simon M)


Answer: Suspiria (William Blake)


Answer: The Shining (William Blake)


Answer: Trouble Every Day (William Blake)


Answer: Freaks (Simon M)


Answer:I Walked with a Zombie (Stacia)


Answer: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Kovich)


Answer: The Seventh Victim (Mango)


Answer: Inside (Kovich)


Answer: Psycho ’98 (Stacia)


Answer: Psycho (Simon M)


Answer: Eyes Without a Face (Kovich)


Answer: Videodrome (Simon M)


Answer: Dawn of the Dead (Simon M)


Answer: The Tenant (Mr. Peel)


Answer: Vampyros Lesbos (Kovich)

20 responses to “Horror Screencap Challenge 2.0- Complete

  1. 1. The Crazies
    11. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
    13. Inside
    14. Stir of Echoes
    16. Eyes Without a Face
    20. Vampyros Lesbos

    I think those are wrong. Perhaps you should change the caps to fit my answers.

  2. 3. The Sentinel
    11. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
    13. Inside (2008)
    14. The Blob
    16. Eyes Without a Face
    19. Heathers
    20. Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

    (10 & 12 look so familiar…)

  3. 14. Another “Suspiria”? Or some other Argento– he loves those swirling drains (though this one seems gelatinously clogged up)
    And 19? Again, I’m thinking Argento– one of the snitty students in “Phenomena”? Or some other snitty schoolgirl in SOMETHING I’ve seen! Blast, what was it?!?

  4. Hmm. 19. isn’t “The Fury” is it?– but of course De Palma is “a director of horror”– maybe that poster’s just reminding me of “Carlito’s Way”!

    Drat! Is that girl the protagonist or some tertiary person? I feel like I can hear some bitchy, cast-of-“Carrie” insult dropping off her lips before she meets an unholy comeuppance.

  5. It’s not the Fury, but not a bad guess. Think more foreign, but the film is still in English.

    She’s a supporting character, you’ll probably kick yourself when you realise who she is (a rather famous actress)

  6. Yes 😀 Haha Mango. you’ll be happy to know I watched Heart of the World today and loved it. Also, picked up the Avant Garde stuff of the 20s/30s. I haven’t started watching it though.

  7. Now I’m kicking myself for not checking in for a few days. This looks like a lot of fun. #3 is Cronenberg’s Rabid, which I actually just happened to see some of the other night, including the scene shown here. As for #19…is it The Tenant?

  8. No wait hang on a second! I meant to say Shivers! I swear I did! I swear! It was also called They Came From Within! That’s Barbara Steele! Barbara Steele, I tell you! I swear that’s what I meant to say!

    That is all.

  9. Thank you Mango! I knew I’d seen that clip in the Val Lewton documentary on TCM, but had no idea which movie it was. Time to add it to my queue.

    These quizzes are amazingly fun.

  10. Ah, Adjani! I saw that film long ago & thought, about an hour in, that it was the scariest thing ever. By the end, I was rather confused and bitter. Wasn’t there one of those odd Polanski extended disco-dancing scenes w/ Adjani later on?

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