The Holy Grail Meme

I wasn’t tagged for this meme, but in my partial invalid state I have a lot of time to kill. This meme was started by The Dancing Image. Yea, I’m totally not using any of the other rules, just the linkage.

The Constant Nymph (Goulding, 1943)
I’ve been meaning to see this because I love Charles Boyer, Peter Lorre is featured, and it has a very good rating on IMDB. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ll never have my chance, from IMDB trivia, there seems to be a financial and legal confusion that might prevented it from being seen again:

“This film is no longer available because the rights to Margaret Kennedy and Basil Dean’s play, Margaret Kennedy’s novel and the original film rights owned by Gaumont British all became separated at different times in the late 1950s and eventually expired. The script and screen version used in 1943 was a combination of novel and play. Separate contracts had to be negotiated at that time with both authors. The Kennedy Estate have no objection to the film being shown, but it would require expensive legal intervention to resolve the contractual situation so this is unlikely to happen.”

Red Desert (Antonioni, 1964)
I haven’t seen much of Antonioni, but I’m interested in exploring the rest of his filmography. Having only seen his black and white features, I’m excited to see his colour work. Also, Monica Vitti is worth watching in anything.

India Song (Duras, 1975)
I’m always looking for films directed by women, as an aspiring filmmaker myself, I find it thrilling and exciting to watch something made by my own gender. This film has a lot of good word of mouth from some friends of mine, and looks as though it has delicious and rich colour.

Arsène Lupin (Conway, 1932)
One of the few french books I read in high school I actually enjoyed was a short story collection of stories about the Robin Hood of french literature, Arsene Lupin. I’ve seen the recent 2004 French version, and it was honestly one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping John and Lionel Barrymore can at least make the story interesting. As far as appearances go though, John Barrymore fits the profile beautifully.

Beggars of Life (Wellman, 1928)
Louise Brooks is one of my absolutely favourite actresses and I’ve only heard good things about this little seen silent. The pedigree behind and in front of the camera further motivates my anticipation.

The Velvet Underground and Nico (Warhol, 1966)
Andy Warhol? The Velvet undeground? Nico? What else do you need to know? I WANT!

Two Weeks in Another Town (Minelli, 1962)
Minelli is quickly shaping up to being one of my favourite filmmakers, and this, a sequel to The Bad and the Beautiful seems right up my alley. Though not one of his most beloved films, I have yet to see one of his that I’d call dissapointing. Also, as underseen as it is, I’m hoping to feel differently than the few who’ve seen it so far. I think he’s mostly underappreciated in the critical and popular community.

A Girl in Every Port (Hawks, 1928)
Another film I want to see, if only for Brooks. As I understand, it also help put Hawks on the map, and as one of my very favourite filmmakers I owe it a watch.

As You Desire Me (1932)
I often feel that Garbo is not afforded films for her talent, and while I’m unsure this will change my opinion, it seems as though it has the potential to be at the very least interesting. Acting along-side the always intense Erich Von Stroheim, it’s a story of obsession… plus she’s blonde. I want to see a blonde Garbo.

So Big! (Wellman, 1932)
Wellman+Stanwyck=my bum in a seat

Forbidden (Capra, 1932)
Replace Wellman with Capra and you have my answer.

The Mortal Storm (Borzage, 1940)
I need to see more Borzage, having seen both History is Made at Night and a Farewell to Arms, he’s one of the most underrated and least known stylists and romantics of classic hollywood. Having a copy of the TCM broadcast of Man’s Castle to watch, I decided instead to include my second most wanted of his, the Mortal Storm… set in Nazi Germany it also stars James Stewart. I can’t imagine me not liking it.

12 responses to “The Holy Grail Meme

  1. I’ve always liked So Big although it’s not high on anybody’s list of Wellman or Stanwyck movies. It races through its story and has obvious plot turns and melodramatic flairs but I think it has some fine acting, particularly Stanwyck who gives a great performance. But Earle Foxe is also quite good as Pervis and Bette Davis is good in her small role too.

  2. I saw “A Girl in Every Port” in college. It’s a lot of fun, and a great early example of the “buddy” film. Great list. I’m interestd in a lot of these Stanwyck films – I recently watched the TCM documentary on Stanwyck, and I thought that a lot of her early films with Wellman and Capra, and her pre-code films, looked particularly interesting.

  3. I’m happy I included it then 😀 I love Stanwyck, and am really on a crusade to see most of her work, especially from the 1930s. I’m happy to hear you’re so fond of it, gives me extra incentive 😀

  4. I’ve seen a few of Stanwyck’s pre-code work, from what I’ve seen I can HIGHLY recommend Baby Face and The Bitter Tea of General Yen. From what I understand Stanwyck led a very interesting life, I should try and see this doc.

  5. I saw RED DESERT on the big screen earlier this year. The colors are brilliant and the score is very haunting. I’m guessing you’d dig it.

    I’ve never heard of many of these films, and that makes this list both wonderful and upsetting, because I can’t see any on the list!

  6. Many years ago, I promised some friends of mine a bottle of liquor as reward for helping me on a project. Years passed and eventually (about 2 yrs. 10 months later) I presented them with a gift: the long-ago-promised bottle of liquor.

    Which is another way of saying, I always keep good on my promises but it takes a while.

    In other words, you commented on my Holy Grail post back in September and only now, looking back over my old posts at years’ end, do I realize I never linked you up! The mistake has been corrected (and you’ll receive a special shout-out in my next posting).

    Great list by the way, especially the Brooks films. I really want to see both of those. I also just saw The Mortal Storm, which was great – I wrote it up in my recent “Quick Ones” series. And Two Weeks in Another Town is on my DVR queue, so I’ll let you know what I think of that one when the time comes.

    Welcome to the fold…er, better late than never!

  7. Much appreciated!

    I still haven’t seen any of these, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on Two Weeks in Another Town and am happy to know The Mortal Storm is still worth seeking out.

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