7 responses to “Animal Magnetism

  1. I just mentioned this film yesterday in a post I did for a meme that I got tagged for. That gorilla sequence is all I’ve seen from it and it’s the only von Sternberg/Dietrich film I haven’t seen. I’m still waiting for a DVD release where it’s not crammed onto a disc with two other movies, which is how it’s available now. I have an older DVD player, no money to buy a new one and highly compressed DVDs freeze up and/or skip in it all the time.

  2. Simon: I know 😀 It’s actually a really good sequence, I love the music.

    Jonathan: I actually haven’t this one, just this scene. I’m planning on seeing the Sternberg/Dietrich films I’ve yet to see, whicch is still quite a few. I’ve only seen The Scarlet Empress, the Blue angel and Morocco. Which would you say is worth prioritizing?

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